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Collapsable Chair

Personal Space | Projects

  • *Note pictures are from oldest to latest*                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Brainstorming                                                                                        

    The first thing I did was think of what I wanted the chair to do. Originally I wanted it to be completely enclosed, for one person AND foldable. I soon found out that the completely enclosed and foldable part did NOT go together at all. So, I ended up completely changing the approach to something more realistic. Sticking to the enclosed Idea I came up with the idea of a canopy.

    Starting To build

    Once I came up with what I wanted to do I started working on actually building it. Since I didnt really know much about architecture and making chairs fold I cut out a bunch of "building blocks" and started to work. I eventually came up with prototype 1 (first two pictures) It was extremely simple, folded, was for one person, and of course, was a chair.

    Larger Scale

    Once i got my little idea physically there I decided to go a bit bigger to a 1/4 scale, and actually build the canopy part. The second version was bigger, used a similair layout, (third/fourth photo) and had a little canopy thing.

    Cleaning Up

    Once I had my canopy done and most of everything the prototype needed to do was done, I started cutting out new pieces that didnt have any extra holes to make it look cleaner.(picture 5-6) Unfortunately I was never able to make it on a bigger scale due to lack of equipment so sorry to anyone who might have wanted to see that.

  • The "CollapsableChair" is a small 1/4 scale chair that was built for personal space. Its functions-

    1.It can be easily folded.

    2.Has a place to put a canopy

    3.Built for one person.

    4.Can easily put a cloth or whatever on tothe canopy and then take it off.

    The original idea was a chair that was completely enclosed could fold into itself and was for one person. The first two functions (enclosed and foldable) do NOT work together, so I had to change the approach completely to fit the realistic goal. In the end I came up with a quarter scale chair that did what it was supposed to do!