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  • *ADVANCED STUDIO - Recommended for High School Students, Post-High School Gap Year Students and/or Returning NuVu Students*

    The fields of augmented reality and virtual reality are having a big impact in the medical arena. They are changing the way doctors approach medical conditions to reshaping how patients receive therapy and care. For instance, virtual environments can recreate medical procedures and help train doctors about the possible consequences of their actions, preparing them for real life scenarios before they happen. Medical VR is also helping long-term patients, such as cancer patients, release stress and reduce pain by immersing users in calming landscapes while in the midst of difficult treatments such as chemotherapy. Medical VR is also helping people enhance their workouts by creating games, such as “Zombies, Run!” that motivates users to run faster by sending virtual zombies behind them!

    In this studio, you’ll be collaborating with doctors and medical groups in the Boston area to design the next generation of VR and AR technology-based experiences that will revolutionize medicine for both patients and physicians alike. You’ll learn to create augmented reality experiences where the real world environment is augmented by live sound, video or graphics, and virtual reality experiences in which virtual 3D worlds completely detach the viewer from the real environment. It’s going to be an immersive two weeks of designing and testing AR and VR experiences that could have a big impact on the world!


    Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:

         Interaction Design


      Game Design


      3d Modeling


      Storyboarding & Storytelling

      Game Editing

     Sound Design & Sound Effect Creation


    • Enrolling students must be any of the following:
      • High School Student
      • Post-High School Gap Year Student
      • Returning NuVu Student