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  • Background: We started this studio thinking we would finish what we started in Arbornauts 1.

    Problem: We needed to finish our moving ultraviolet time-lapse.

    Solution: We made it wireless, weatherproof, solar powered, and able to take UV and visible light photos from the same spot.

    Process: We started out by trying to get the UV camera working. We received the filter and the Nikon d70 we ordered the last studio and started experimenting using the two together.  Before we ordered the components we researched which camera and filter would work best. We designed a box on Sketchup which fit over the cart to keep the camera safe from rain and snow. To make the camera take and upload pictures wirelessly we used a raspberry pi, a small computer with a changeable script which tells the camera when to take pictures. We wanted a system that could make two timelapses, one using UV light, and the other a normal visible timelapse. To do this we created a filter holder which was attached to a servo which could be moved in front of the camera.

    Data, Analysis, & Results: We discovered that our project worked well but the wireless system could use a little work.

    Conclusion: We feel that our project is mostly done and we think that for the two weeks we put into it, it came out well.