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Sleep Deprivation In Teens

Animation | Projects

  • Everyone sleeps, it helps your body charge up for the day. As you get older your body needs less and less sleep. But our modern school system doesn't let teens get the sleep that they need. This is because middle and high school starts too earle and assigns too much homework. Teens dont have enough hours in the day to do everything that our busy lives require.

    While making our animation we learned a lot and faced many challenges. We started by researching sleep deprivation in teens and found a lot about school. Many sources said that School start times and the abundance of homework had a large effect in teens loss of sleep. Once we had all of the information we continued on to the script. we wrote the narration and started to write down ideas for animations. That was quickly done and ready to be recorded. We used our rough animation ideas to make a storyboard. the storyboard slowly evolved over time and was eventually ready to animate. With all the images we had to convert them into separate layers in illustrator so they could be imported into after effects. We had two files of people so we found one person the looked like a student to be used as a main character. Then we were ready to start animating. In After Effects we used the illustrator files that we converted into layers to animate. Each of us took a separate animation from our storyboard and started to animate the different things. Each scene was slowly made better and better, after days of animating everything was ready to be collected into one file. Many new problems arose, we spent the next two days finding everything wrong and fixing it. After we had the animation smoothed out we added music and sound effects to finish the job.