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Citrus Chair

Fiber Morphologies | Projects

  • Kevin:

    A comfortable dome chair that uses clean energy and has a built-in charging station for their devices. The citrus chair lets the user charge their phone or other devices without having a plug near them, so if the user doesn't want to get up there is a plug built right into the chair for charging their devices as they need. The chair is Made in slicer for fusion 360 witch, cuts up a 3D model made in fusion and makes it into a waffle of the model that is easy to put together. A special fiber provided by AFFoA consisting of two entwined wires that when rubbed up against each other create a charge and put it in a battery. LED fibers woven into the seat will also show the level of battery charge in the chair so the user knows when they can plug in their phone.


     The Citrus Chair is a rocking chair that harnesses and stores kinetic energy. A woven seat, containing energy harvesting wires as well as LED indicators, is supported by a rocking hemisphere made with cardboard waffling.

    In the push for clean energy, energy harvesting is viewed as a way to replace fossil fuels. Fossil fuels, such as coal, exist in a definite number; their burning also heavily contributes heavily to global warming and pollution. The Citrus Chair provides a secondary source of clean energy to combat this. The chair's design is geared towards modern apartment living as well as large human-focused, buildings such as airports or shopping malls. By rocking in the chair, the user supplies themselves with creates clean energy in they can use to charge their electronic devices, lowering the use of fossil fuels and electricity costs.

    The chair adapts textile technology that is being developed by the Advanced Functional Fabrics of America to a domestic context. AFFoA is currently fabricating an energy harvesting fiber consisting of two entwined wires. When the chair rocks back and forth it moves the wires against each other to stimulate an electrical current. This project adapts high tech textiles to fit in with a more domestic context. The chair functions as a normal rocking chair but is outfitted with plugs for electronics. LED indicators, woven into the chair’s seat, easily allow the user to monitor the battery's stored energy levels.