• A team of innovative high school students from Creadores, a small town in the south of Chile, won a trip to Massachusetts by creating a system to monitor the development of beehives and their queens. The competition was organized by Kodea in collaboration with ChileMass. As part of the experience, the students visited NuVu and got a chance to see our studio and learn more about our student work.

    Here's an article that was published in Chile's largest newspaper, El Mercurio, wherein the children's visit to NuVu Studio is highlighted!

  • The Stevens Initiative covers our collaboration with Karam Foundation and our virtual exchange program including the Innovating Across Boundaries project where Syrian refugee children are working closely on projects with our NuVu students in the United States. Through this collaboration, students are exposed to cultures and contexts they don’t regularly encounter. Additionally, students have an opportunity to learn skills such as coding and robotics collaboratively.

    Read more at: http://www.stevensinitiative.org/interview-karam-foundation/

  • At Woodstock Union High School & Middle School, one of our NuVuX partners, students in the IDEA class are creating projects under the topic of "Design for Empathy." Lead by our NuVu Design and Technology Fellow, Dustin Brugmann, the studio course has students focused on creating devices that simulate the challenges that arise from concussions, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), ALS, and dyslexia, in order to gain more understanding around these conditions.

    Read more at http://mountaintimes.info/woodstock-students-design/#prettyphoto[128639]/0/

  • NuVu was awarded the 2018 AAIE (Association for the Advancement of International Education) Innovative Leadership Award. The award will be presented at the AAIE Conference in NYC.  As recipients of the award, we'll be giving a keynote address at AAIE. Thank you for all the support over the year. We'll share mroe details after we return from AAIE!

    Read more at: http://www.aaie.org/cf_enotify/view.cfm?n=305&u=0&e=0

  • The VentureBeat story featuring the Las Tractoradas studio published today: The IndieBeat: Las Tractoradas shows how Catalonia is trying to escape the reins of Spain

  • Read more at: http://news.theregistrysf.com/elected-officials-join-divcowest-in-ground-breaking-ceremony-on-45-acres-in-cambridge-ma/

    This Fall, San Francisco-based developer DivcoWest collaborated with NuVu on the design of a groundbreaking machine for the groundbreaking ceremony on October 19, 2017 for their new project in the NorthPoint area in East Cambridge, MA called "Cambridge Crossing (CX). As part of the "Groundbreaking Robots" studio lead by NuVu Coaches this past June, fourteen NuVu students worked on a concept and design for a groundbreaking robot. At the end of the studio, representatives from DivcoWest selected one winning design to be built full-scale and demoed at the groundbreaking ceremony.  The winning project was the "Groundbreaking Steampunk Bike."

    The  Groundbreaking Steampunk Bike team spent four weeks in September and October fabricating the bike. NuVu student Teresa Lourie, one of the creators of the Groundbreaking Steampunk Bike explains, "The Groundbreaking Steampunk Bike is a fully-mechanical, bike-powered steampunk digger, which is designed to be ridden at the groundbreaking ceremony in October 2017.  Cambridge and Somerville are known for their large population of avid bikers, as well as their emphasis on sustainability and environmental conservation. The bike was designed to represent those values, and show that the NorthPoint development would share those interests and mesh well with the other neighborhoods in those cities."

    DivcoWest invited 300 people to share in the official launch of Cambridge Common at the October 19 groundbreaking ceremony. Attendees included Cambridge Mayor E. Denise Simmons, Cambridge City Manager Lou DePasquale, and elected officials from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as well as DivcoWest's founder & CEO Stuart Shiff.

  • NuVu received a notable mention in the 2017 Core77 Design Awards in the Design Education Initiative Award! Thank you to Core77 for acknowledging our team and students and for being honored with a great group of educational initiatives!

    Here's more on the Design Education Initiative category in this year's awards:

    "A business-education or nonprofit-education partnership initiative, or an initiative undertaken by an educational institution or institutions, which furthers the practice of design or promotes design education. Examples include, but are not limited to: workshops, class projects, institutional programs, print and/or digital campaigns, toolkits, strategy documents, etc. Please note that this is a Professional category only."

    Read more at: http://designawards.core77.com/Design-Education-Initiative/64179/NuVu-Studio

  • NuVu featured in the Glasgow West End for our week-long program.

    Read the piece here: http://glasgowwestend.today/2017/07/31/camps/

  • Our students and coaches were featured in the nightly news on WCVB Channel 5 Boston for their work from our Superkinetics studio in which students designed fashionable assistive devices for Lee Cusack!


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