(3A) Stay Out of the Woods at Night: Fear

Afraid of the Dark Portfolio

Logan Watkins
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For Kassidy and my project, in our studio, Afraid of The Dark we chose to do a live art piece. After thinking about what our most prominent fear was, we chose the fear of the unknown, once placed in the complete dark where your mind can wander. In order to show this we had some of the dancers help us out. We had Lindsay Gilliam sitting center stage as the person who is expressing this fear. Around her would be the other girls placed at each corner representing her fears and paranoia. They would be dressed in black from head to toe in order to not be seen as much, while Lindsay would be wearing all white. There would be two blacklights set up on either side of the stage with all the lights turned off. Each corner would have a bucket of white paint for the girls to use from the outer corners eventually reaching LIndsay by the time the song Tiptoe Through The Tulips ended. This would symbolize her mind eventually giving up and succumbing to her fear of the dark. Since it was a project that could've gone many different ways I would say the audience reacted well to it and everything went as planned.    

Syrian War Crisis Portfolio

Zachary Stanley
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Amelia Donalson


  • Most children have a fear of a monster under their bed
  • They are unable to sleep because of their imaginations, and rely on the parents to keep them "safe", causing the parents to lose their own sleep
  • Child constantly is in fear and may start to not like to sleep at all



  • We created a bracelet that can get rid of the monster for the child
  • The bracelet has lights that when turned on, can expel the monster because the light has a certain amount of energy
  • Child can wear it to sleep, and simply turn it on whenever it is needed to be turned on.  


  Image result for finger lights


 Image result for light bracelet









final products:




While making this product we had to change a few things, we started out using cardboard, then was show these finger ligths, we decided to us those. We had to hot glue the lights to the material that we used for the bracelet part. 

Then we had to decide what each level would reprecent and what the lights should stand for. We just decided that each level would scare away a different type of scary monster, and the lights are just for style. 


Final product

Isabella Bogdahn
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Reflection 4/28

Isabella Bogdahn

Throughout the process of the wing project Frieda and I worked to improve and add to the wings. When we were almost done with the project we realized that the wings didn't work, and, on top of that, the wings broke in 3 different places. I took the wings home and my dad informed me that my placements of where the wing pieces overlap were incorrect. My dad helped me cut out new pieces and explained why they must overlap is important. That night I finished the wings and they worked properly. The next day at school Frieda and I finished the wings. 

What I would do differently for my project is use a laser cutter to cut out the wood pieces rather than use a jig saw. By using the laser cutter the pieces would seem more put together. Also I would of used the 3d printer to make pieces that allow the support beams to spin, rather than out of duct tape. Another aspect of the wings would be to find a way to keep the straps on more effectivly than the hot glue and staples. 

Over all I am very proud of the final product.


Isabella Bogdahn
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Today Freida and I had a guest, Chiazam. The three of us went to Mr. Judy to cut out the wing frame from wood and sand them down. Afterwards we returned to the art studio to paint the pieces a drak blue. Ms. Rebecca from NuVU came in towards the end of class and we presented our project to her. She suggested that Frieda and I get the material as soon as possible so we don't have to rush. She also suggested that if we have enough time that we laser cut designs into the material for the cape. 


Isabella Bogdahn
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Today Frieda and I finished our prototype. Rosie, from NuVu, helped us come up with concepts to 3-D print different tools for our project. Next week Frieda and I plan to start designing our pieces in Rino and to also fill out our PO form for our materials. 

Music progress

Jazen Heaford
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We are working on a piece of music and are making great progress.


Zhi Pan
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We made music together today for our theme of phobia...


Isabella Bogdahn
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Today Ms. Rosie from NuVu came in to talk to our R+D class. Frieda and I were working on our first life size prototype. We have the main frame measured and cut out, nopw we need to finish the prototype and start designing the wings in Rino. Ms. Rosie helped us figure out how we will eventually design the parts for our cape wings in Rino.