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San Diego Library-Prototype 3

Valentina Armenta
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The changes that i have made into my 3rd prototype is that I focused more into the details on how the outside pointed structure is connected to the bottom legs.

I did not trace the picture instead i created the actual shape on Rhino and from that I added in more and more step shapes to create the structure that I was going for. I had also shaped the leg meters and I've created 8 of those structures to hold it up.

During this whole Trimester I have learned so much by so many people around me, mainly knowing how to program better on rhino, learning more commands and using fusion to 3D print has been very interesting to me and now i feel like I know better and how I can improve on future ideas.

The most important thing that I have learned thru this whole World Craft experience was knowing how to value the people you have around you because they help you understand better, Aaron and the other staff were a big part of this whole experience and they made it better for us to learn "Complected" software and turned it into a everyday thing.


Stephanie Garibay
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  • Skyscrapers-For companies
  • Freeway-To go places faster
  • Sephora-Shopping
  • Target-Groceries, Home Supplies...
  • A house-To live in 

Example Ferris Wheel

Aaron Laniosz
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