Octo-arm video

Honey Robinson
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Honey Robinson and Giovanni Vazquez
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OctoArm A limb inspired by the way an octopus uses its tentacles to complete tasks, from walking on the ocean floor, to propelling itself through the water like a torpedo.

We made a prototype of an octopus tentacle out of cardboard and a series of joints. We decided to use different types of joints because we knew that would be the easiest way to make it move. We are exploring ways to increase the force that is exerted when the tentacle wraps around an object. We were resolving the problem we had with the sturdiness of the entire tentacle, we did this by taping popsicle sticks to the back of the tentacle to help support it. The characteristics we will keep include: the hooking motion, and using hot glue as a grip. We will have the same concepts, but different design. We will try to change the way it moves, we are thinking about using a rotating wheel type mechanism because the motion of the tentacle will no longer rely on the person pulling the string. For our next prototype, we will make sure to improve it in the best and most efficient ways possible.