The Cocoon

Rosa Weinberg
1 / 14

I love the idea that 90% of a project should be justifiable but that 10% comes from decisions made by intuition. Bypassing the conscious part of the brain, this intuition comes straight from the unconscious, which is able to synthesize so much more than the conscious part of our brains. It is so much more powerful than the conscious part of our brains that even with deep investigation, the conscious part of the brain can't begin to understand it.

Kate did so much of this project by intuition. Kate only asked me for technical help during this project. She and I did not have a good working relationship at this time in terms of conceptual feedback but I'm glad. Because at that time I would have asked her to justify all of her decisions and the unexplainable ones I would have suggested she remove. I loved how open she was to inverting the project at the last moment, it just worked so much better with the gold on the outside even though her concept suggested it be on the inside.

Kate's description of the project: 

The Cocoon is a wearable sculpture that explores the concept of transformations and death. The Cocoon explores the spiritual journey beyond the human experience; what it means to be human, how wonder effects us, and the concept of what happens after death.

It is made of 20 sheets of bass wood, 3 sheets of plywood, five yards of space tape, two yards of spandex and eight tubes of glue.