• Into-View allows viewers to virtually conduct an interview, steered by their own interests, by pulling up responses from actual recorded interviews. Much like a choose-your-own-adventure novel, the experience of Into-View is steered by the user's choices. Made with Ren’Py, Into-View is virtual, non-fiction, and player-driven, differentiating it from both choose-your-own-adventure novels and documentaries. Multiple interviews were conducted and then transcribed to create the options in the game. Users are able to ask questions based on their own interests of  people who would otherwise be inaccessible.

  • The Peculiar Pair is a satirical silent film inspired by the works of Buster Keaton that follows two students making a documentary about NuVu.

    The Peculiar Pair is a comedy that satirizes working at NuVu, by following the antics of a dysfunctional team trying to make a project. One of the team members is hardworking and tries to move the project forward, while the other is distracted and unproductive, getting in the way of the progression of the project. The idea began as a way to educate people about the process at NuVu, following a pair of students as they learn the ins and outs of the process. While the concept hasn't changed drastically, this original version of the film was plagued by overcomplications, that both distracted from the original concept, and were hard for the audience to understand. Once Buster Keaton was thrown into the ring, the idea developed into a lighthearted parody of working at NuVu, filled with slapstick humor, rather than overcomplicated attempts to educate people.

  • Logan Rinaldi: At NuVu, space is limited and often becomes crowded and messy as a studio progresses. The purpose of the Storage Chair is to optimize and organize the available space for storing backpacks, laptops, and notebooks. The original design was modified because it was very bulky, awkward to sit in, and not very aesthetically pleasing. The new chair was designed using the idea of functional minimalism. Two sides form a ribbon-like outline that holds together two shelves at the bottom and the seat and backrest at the top. When not in use, the whole chair can be rolled under the table and sit flush with the edge of the table. This way, the Storage Chair provides ample storage while taking up minimal space.

    Logan McClennen: The main studio at NuVu suffers from a strong lack of organization. Around the space, many bags and materials are strewn about and easily tripped on. The Storage Chair as created to counteract and fix this problem. Designed to look innovative and professional, with all the functionalities of a normal chair, it has a shelf underneath its seat and an area for a bag to be stowed below that. This helps conserve the space and tidiness of the studio, which will help to improve the image of NuVu presented during tours and in photos. The chair is designed with a shaped wooden frame which supports the shelf while making it appear as though the insides are open and not taking up space. The original model was large and bulky and would not realistically fit within the constraints of the workspace. This modified version has a more open, airy finish that looks modern and is functional.

    Ty Price: The Storage Chair is designed to combat crowding and disorganization in the main studio space at NuVu. It will and to enhance the student's’ work environment. The Storage Chair is able to hold bags, tools, computers, notebooks, and more. The chair has slots in the middle and bottom. The slot on the bottom is big enough to hold a full-sized backpack and a few books as well. The storage space in the middle can house a computer and a few books as well. The Storage Chair is also wide enough to be comfortable on the “back side” and on the thighs. The Storage Chair is also capable of bearing the considerable weight that is put on it. The wheels move easily across the floor and they do not make the person seated feel unsafe. The chair is also designed to be mobile and easy to maneuver

    Grant Kibel: Designed as a box with armrests and a backrest, the Shelf Chair doubles as an accessible storage container. The shape of the design is a box with a solid 1/8 inch wood front panel. At the back of the box, there are two shelves, providing ample, shelf space for backpacks, laptops, and anything else that needs storage. The notching that connects the panels makes the design sturdy and practical.  It is a practical design because it is simple and sleek. Finally, there are wheels on the bottom, allowing for a student to be mobile while working.