Creating Your Studio Setup

Chris Perry
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Creating Your Studio Setup

For this activity, you will be creating a space where you can work on your robot over the next two weeks. There are two parts to this activity:

Part 1: Space 

  1. To start off, you will need to find a space where you will be able to work, and to clear it off completely. Perhaps you have a desk or table that you can use, or maybe prefer to work on the floor. 
  2. Once you have staked your claim and cleared it off, you may want to clean it as well (either wipe it down, brush it off, etc.)
  3. Take a picture of your work surface to share with the studio 

Part 2: Materials

  1. In addition to the materials we have sent you, collect any other tools you may have or think that you might need.
  2. Organize those materials in your space, for how to organize, you can check out this video on Knolling
  3. Photograph the materials you have knolled to share with the studio


Once you complete this activity, be sure to take at least  (2) photos of your work surface and knolled materials. We will go over how to post documentations into the Response tab when we meet as a studio.

Extra Materials!

Tiandra Ray

Materials to Find at Home:

  1. Scissors
  2. Thin Sharpie Marker or Felt Tipped Pen (black or dark color)
  3. Tape 
  4. Paper (for sketching - you may use a tablet for digital sketching if preferred)
  5. Cereal Box Cardboard
  6. Hammer and a nail