Pet Fashion 2020 (Wait List Only)

Pet Fashion 2020

Jenny Kinard
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Session 2: Jul 20-31, 2020

Does your puppy dream of being a star under the bright lights of Paris Canine Fashion Week? Does your kitten purr when she sees a new spread in Meow Claire? The fashion runway is now open to dogs, cats, and birds of all shapes and sizes, and it’s up to you to design the perfect look for your favorite animal! This summer, you’ll be going beyond the bandana to design and fabricate innovative outfits during Pet Project Runway! We’ll be looking at future-thinking fashion insiders like Iris Van Herpen and Comme des Garcons for inspiration, and creating the next line of fashion for your favorite pets!

Using the combined power of rapid hand prototyping and advanced fabrication tools (laser cutting and 3D printing), students in this studio will create high-tech fashion pieces for their pets. Students will learn the basics of sewing and garment creation and use these skills to create themed pieces for their pets. Students will also have the opportunity to learn digital design tools to create physical components for their fashion pieces. Students will leverage unique materials and complex patterns to make their final pieces both fashionable and functional! Get ready to enter the high flying world of pet fashion!


Focus skills/subjects/technologies:

   Fashion Design


   2D and 3D Modeling

   Adobe Illustrator

   Digital Fabrication


  1. Enrolling students must be between the ages of 11 to 13 (or grades 6-8)