WiFi Toys 2020

Jenny Kinard
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Session 2: Jul 20-31, 2020

Have you ever had an idea for a toy that you wanted to share with the world? Or perhaps, have you ever wanted to share the world with your toys? The world of interconnected objects is fresh and ripe for innovation. In this studio we will be designing toys to share and connect with friends near and far!

In just 10 short days, students will learn the basics of computer aided design, paper crafting and modeling, IoT, and much, much more. You will also learn to design kits that can be understood and assembled by each other, and to use electronics and actuators to play with your toys even when they are very far away.


Focus Skills/Subjects/Technologies:

   Industrial Design



   Robotics (Sensors, Actuators)

    2D Modeling

    Adobe Illustrator


  • Enrolling students must be between the ages of 11 to 13 (or grades 6-8)