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Belonging: Enhanced

by Andy Kreiss, Eli Levitt, India Hyde...

Augmented Reality

by India Hyde, Simon Zalesky

Sam S., Irene, Simon

by Irene McLaughlin-Alves, Sam Scher, Simon Zalesky...


by Jack Mullen, Jonah Stillman, Micah Reid...

Why red wins?

by Simon Zalesky

The Perfect Handshake

by Caleb Woods, Peter Rabinovitz, Simon Zalesky...

Design + Build: Spine Component

by Ethan Wood, Myles Lack-Zell, Simon Zalesky...

The History of Competitive Gaming Animation

by Calder Martin, Simon Zalesky

Washing Machine

by Chase Ackerman, Simon Zalesky, William Ferguson...

Immigration Radio

by Louie Adamian, Simon Zalesky

Bus Poetry

by Benjamin Guirakhoo, David Leder, Simon Zalesky...

Modular Street Food - Saeed's Falafel Cart

by Benjamin Guirakhoo, Calder Martin, Chase Ackerman...

Delivery Top

by Lila Hempel-Edgers, Robert Gray, Samantha Cutler...

One Man (Bike) Band

by Jameson Woods, John Duval, Jonah Stillman...

Distillation Equipment

by Jonah Stillman, Simon Zalesky, Teresa Lourie...

Erosion Boot

by Harper Mills, Simon Zalesky

Space Gasket

by Jordana Conti, Simon Zalesky

Union Square Donuts Packaging

by Benjamin Fox, Shivani Angappan, Simon Zalesky...