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Saeed Arida

Founder and Chief Excitement Officer

Saba Ghole

Co-founder, Chief Creative Officer, NuVu

David Wang

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer, NuVu

Amro Arida

Art Director, NuVu

Andrew Todd Marcus

Chief Academic Officer

Emily Glass

NuVuX Coordinator

Karen Sutton

Director of Operations, NuVu

Jon Turnquist

Space Manager, NuVu

Rosa Weinberg

Director of Studio Development

Kristina Osborn

NuVuX Program Designer

James Addison

NuVuX Fellow - Kelvinside

Chris Perry

NuVuX Fellow- Hillside

Ray Majewski

NuVuX Fellow - All Saints

Asli Arpak

NuVuX Fellow- All Saints

Aaron Laniosz

NuVuX Fellow- Odyssey STEM

Ramzi Naja

Head of Innovation at NuVu-Karam

Dyani Robarge

NuVuX Fellow- Episcopal

Rima Das

NuVuX Fellow- Wonder

Max Vanatta

NuVuX Fellow- Woodstock

Sotirios Kotsopoulos

Head of Design Research

Advisory Board

Karen Brennan

Professor, Harvard Ed

Peter Hutton

Head, Beaver Country Day School

John Oschendorf

Professor, MIT