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Soft Robotic Prosthetic

by Satchel Sieniewicz

The Installation

by Christopher Kitchen, Jakob Sperry, Janice Tabin...

My Dad And I

by Satchel Sieniewicz

Soft Robotic Hand V3

by Oliver Trejo, Satchel Sieniewicz

Inflatable Shelters

by Louie Adamian, Satchel Sieniewicz

Contemporary Bias

by Jakob Sperry, Satchel Sieniewicz

Tessellating Gardens Field Test

by Louie Adamian, Maximus Reisner, Satchel Sieniewicz...

Bio-Powered Habitat

by Caitlin Haggerty, Dina Pfeffer, Duncan Jurayj...

Water Habitat

by Lucy Emerson, Ross McNeill, Satchel Sieniewicz...

Tessellating Gardens Prototype

by Maximus Reisner, Satchel Sieniewicz


by Satchel Sieniewicz

Soft Articulating Hand

by Nina Cragg, Satchel Sieniewicz

Pull-Up Assistant

by Jakob Sperry, Satchel Sieniewicz

Modular Gauntlet

by Ella Giesser, Satchel Sieniewicz


by Sam Costa, Satchel Sieniewicz