Director of Studio Development

Rosa Weinberg is an artist and a registered architect. She has a BSc in Environmental Policy with Economics from the London School of Economics and an M.Arch from the Yale School of Architecture. She found her passion for fabrication at a young age and spent nights and weekends honing her skills at The Madagascar Institute in Brooklyn and Artisan's Asylum in Somerville while pursuing and practicing architecture. Since August of 2014 she has been teaching at NuVu Studio full-time. NuVu is a full-time innovation school for young minds in Cambridge, Massachusetts that applies the architectural studio model to multi-disciplinary, collaborative projects. Her main teaching interests are in guiding students past the implicit biases and cliches they bring to a problem, helping students to develop interesting and generative concepts for their projects and motivating students to dive into mechanical connections between materials, from fabric to 3D printed or laser cut parts and beyond. She has designed and taught more than 35 studios focused on social impact, disability and fashion/tech. Through her work at NuVu, her passion for constructing costumes has grown into an intense interest in architectural wearables. 


Open Innovation Winter 2017

by Rebecca Starks, Biz Herman, José Rivera...

Performative Wearables

by Rebecca Starks, Rosa Weinberg, Jiyoo Jye

Pastry Architecture

by Rebecca Starks, Savinien Caracostea , Rosa Weinberg

Winter 2017 Skills

by Nil Tuzcu, Andrew Todd Marcus, Luis Carbajal...


by Rebecca Starks, Nil Tuzcu, Rosa Weinberg

Open Innovation Fall 2017

by Rebecca Starks, Seth Alter, Jenny Kinard...

Juxtapose IV

by Rebecca Starks, Rosa Weinberg, Jenny Kinard

Skills Week Fall 2017

by Andrew Todd Marcus, Jenny Kinard, Luis Carbajal...

Natalie's Studio

by Rosa Weinberg

Groundbreaking Bike

by Rebecca Starks, Sofie Belanger, Rosa Weinberg...


by Rebecca Starks, Rosa Weinberg, Dustin Brugmann

Summer 2017 Training

by Ramzi Naja, Dustin Brugmann, Seth Alter...

Ground Breaking Robots 2

by Rosa Weinberg, David Wang

Open Innovation Spring 2017

by Tsung-Han Robin Hsieh, Spyridon Ampanavos, Aaron Laniosz...


by Grace Cassels, Dyani Robarge, Rosa Weinberg


by Aaron Laniosz, Tsung-Han Robin Hsieh, Rosa Weinberg

Ground Breaking Robots

by Rosa Weinberg, David Wang


by Manisha Sharma, Dyani Robarge, Lee Cusack...

Genius Camp Spring 2017

by Tsung-Han Robin Hsieh, Myrna Ayoub, Rosa Weinberg...

Juxtapose II

by Rosa Weinberg, Jenny Kinard

Transferring Narratives

by Manisha Sharma, Rosa Weinberg, Ramzi Naja

Alive Enough

by Manisha Sharma, Spyridon Ampanavos, Rosa Weinberg


by Manisha Sharma, Rosa Weinberg, Tsung-Han Robin Hsieh

Independent Projects

by Rosa Weinberg, David Wang

Genius Camp Winter 2016

by Shaunta Butler, Spyridon Ampanavos, Andrew Todd Marcus...

Soft Robotics (ADVANCED@MIT)

by Ronan O'Callaghan, Alana Press, Michael Bell...

Augmented Health (ADVANCED@MIT)

by Chloe Page, Seth Alter, Jack Gray...

Open Innovation Fall 2016

by Tsung-Han Robin Hsieh, Sotirios Kotsopoulos, Saeed Arida...


by Manisha Sharma, Shaunta Butler, Rosa Weinberg

Juxtapose I

by Manisha Sharma, Amro Arida, Rosa Weinberg...


by Kaitlyn Becker, Jiyoo Jye, presenter 101...

Light Dialogues

by Rosa Weinberg, Spyridon Ampanavos

Genius Camp Fall 2016

by Andrew Todd Marcus, Emily Glass, Rosa Weinberg...

Innovation Camp for Educators 2016 - Session 3

by Saeed Arida, David Wang, Rosa Weinberg...

Innovation Camp for Educators 2016 - Session 2

by Nancy Fonseca, Nicholas Judy, Edith Ackermann...

Innovation Camp for Educators 2016 - Session 1

by Ryan Nixon, Michael Mury, Bambi Guy...

Open Innovation II Spring 2016

by Tsung-Han Robin Hsieh, David Wang, Andrew Todd Marcus...

Open Innovation Spring 2016

by Saba Ghole, Rosa Weinberg, Saeed Arida...

Printable Machines

by Jonathan Grinham, Rosa Weinberg, Emily Glass


by Laura Neuhaus Zittrain, Rosa Weinberg

Play to Learn in Reyhanli

by Sotirios Kotsopoulos, Rosa Weinberg, Emily Glass

Extending Empathy

by Gabe Miller, Tsung-Han Robin Hsieh, Rosa Weinberg...

IPP - Winter 2015

by Adam Steinberg, Amro Arida, Andrew Todd Marcus...

Empathy for the Endangered

by Rosa Weinberg, Mandy Lee, Gabe Miller

Medicalbots (ADVANCED)

by Pierce Adams, Rosa Weinberg, Tsung-Han Robin Hsieh

Inhabiting the Street

by Adam Steinberg, Rosa Weinberg


by Erin Pellegrino, Rosa Weinberg

Genius Camp Winter 2015-2016

by Andrew Todd Marcus, David Wang, Adam Steinberg...

IPP - Fall 2015

by Adam Steinberg, Andrew Todd Marcus, David Wang...

Health Wearable Tech (ADVANCED)

by Rosa Weinberg, Tsung-Han Robin Hsieh

Farmbots (ADVANCED)

by Tsung-Han Robin Hsieh, Rosa Weinberg

Battlebotics 1

by Pierce Adams, Aram Soultanian, Anjali Patel...

Beyond Basic Needs

by Rosa Weinberg, David Wang


by Andrew Todd Marcus, Rosa Weinberg

Waiting for the Bus Stop

by Rosa Weinberg, Nathan Melenbrink

Fashion Week 2015: Part 2

by Andrew Todd Marcus, Saba Ghole, Rosa Weinberg

Fashion Week 2015: Part 1

by Rosa Weinberg, Saba Ghole

Document & Represent

by Spyridon Ampanavos, Sotirios Kotsopoulos, David Wang...

Innovation Camp for Educators 2015

by Saeed Arida, Saba Ghole, Andrew Todd Marcus...

Spring 2015 IPP

by Andrew Todd Marcus, Saeed Arida, David Wang...

Being an Alien: Feelings from Another World

by Rosa Weinberg, Daniel Rosenberg

Wormhole Wearables

by Rosa Weinberg

Space Suit

by Rosa Weinberg, Faune Stevens, Saeed Arida

Futuristic Tools

by Josh Davis, Kurt Johnson, Jonathan George

Food Space

by Muneeza Patel, Nathan Melenbrink, Rosa Weinberg...

IPP Winter 2014

by Andrew Todd Marcus, Saeed Arida, David Wang...

Brink: Wearables

by Rosa Weinberg, Amro Arida

Adaptive Shoes

by Troy Schubert, Saeed Arida, Rosa Weinberg...

Easing Cerebral Palsy - Design Development

by Rosa Weinberg, Saeed Arida, Andrew Todd Marcus

Easing Cerebral Palsy: Clothes

by Rosa Weinberg, Javier Leal

IPP Fall 2014

by Rosa Weinberg, Amro Arida, Andrew Todd Marcus...

Sci-Fi Vehicles

by Charlie DeLorey, Daniel Lasanta, Sophia Thurau-Gray...

Futuristic Fashion

by Jules Gouvin-Moffat, Sam Bortman, Sam Daitzman...

Easing the Street

by Rosa Weinberg

Boston as an Olympic City

by Rosa Weinberg

Fantasy FashionTech

by Saba Ghole, Carlos Villamil, Jenifer Stark...

Fantasy Motorcycles

by Eric Timmons, Rosa Weinberg, Sam Polk...

Fantasy Worlds

by Andrew Todd Marcus, Audrey Bosquet, Rosa Weinberg...