• We began our journey to Brazil on Wednesday at noon. I had no idea how hectic and busy our day ahead would be! First, we all arrived at the same spot at Logan Airport and we got checked in. After all of the students gathered together we had some time to get food and to relax before our first flight to Miami. Within the airport, there were numerous shops and restaurants for us to choose from to buy food and other important necessities. In addition to that, there was a lot of security precautions and safety regulations we had to go through beforehand which took up a lot of the time and we had to wait.

    When it was time for our first flight to Miami, we were all excited to finally begin our trip to Brazil. Our passports were frequently used during flight preparation which forced us to be responsible and to always keep them in a safe place. This flight lasted for about 4 hours and it seemed to be a very long flight even though our next one would be over double that time. Our second flight was from Miami to Rio and was about 9 hours. I am sure I can speak for the rest of us when I say how exhausting flying can be for that long! When we finally arrived in Rio, we first went on a van to bring us to our hotel so that we could drop off our luggage and head out to the city to explore and observe.

    Our first day in Rio consisted of sight-seeing and getting to know the city better. We walked a lot and took the subway and visited a beach (Copacabana) as well! Towards the end of our day, we ate lunch and dinner. The lunch was served in a buffet style where we get our food ourselves and it is weighed and we pay according to the weight. Our dinner, however, was very different from anything I have ever experienced in a traditional restaurant. As soon as we all sat down, waiters came to our tables with a plate of pizza in their hands offering it to us! It was an all-you-can-eat pizza service where they had different types of pizza (even dessert pizza!), and you either say you want it or you want something else, and that continues until you find yourself too full to eat anything else.

  • Today we arrived in Rio for the first day of the NuVu-Brazil "Right to the City" Studio. Our first early morning journey was to explore Rio's two main beach-side communities and neighborhoods: Ipanema and Copacabana.

  • At Miami International Airport, one stop to Rio for our NuVu-Brazil Studio!