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Post from Transpo Comics

Transpo Comics | Projects | Transit X | Final

  •   This is a comic about Transit X, a proposal to find a better form of transportation in Boston. The problem that I faced was that not many people knew about Transit X even though it could become a reality by 2018. The only resources to learn about this proposal were text heavy websites that take a long time to read and understand. With this project I came up with a comic that provides a way to gain a basic understanding of Transit X. The comic has enough text to give you an understanding of the major points in this proposal. The comic explains the current options, precidents of the proposal, the senate bill, proposed routes, techincal details, as well as pros and cons. The reason for this project is to create an easy way to inform the general public about this proposal.

          This comic starts on the first page with laying out the current options as well as real world examples of systems like Transit X. The second page gives a more indepth understanding of what Senate bill PRT 1837 is for and how Transit X relates to it. Page three shows the proposed routes for the system in a city setting and in a school setting. The next page shows the technical side of the pod system. I end the comic with a pros and cons page.