Project Brief

Andrew Todd Marcus and Saeed Arida

Body extentions can be understoood through three conceptual thematic areas, Perception, Thresholds, and Reach. An aligned with each theme differs in its stance to the world, and an extention may have qualities of multiple themes.

  • Perception -  Sensory understanding of the world. This can include how we understand, process, and respond to stimulae on a micro, macro, or social scale.
  • Thresholds - Relational Understanding of the world. The actual percieved and social boundaries between people. This includes how we define and occupy space and the resulting social relationships. 
  • Reach - Interaction with the world. Physicality from which we experience and manipulate our internal and external enviroments. This is how we conciously exert our will on and physically interact with the world.

Keeping in mind both the themes above and the precedents discussed, design a body extension that mitigates a social, mental or neurological or physical condition. The exploration should align itself thematically and may be an alteration, extention, or amplification which addressed the condition.

As you research the conditions, consider where they fit on the spectrum of internal and external, corporeal and incorporeal, physical and perceptive, etc.