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Post from Wormhole Wearables

Wormhole Wearables | Projects | Erosion Boot | Portfolio

  • In the book Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy there is a planet Bethselamin which is so beautiful that it receives over 10 billion visitors per year. Along with great profits this many people in one place causes a some problems. The one Harper and I decided to take on was erosion.

          We started by trying to find a way to make a shoe that touches less are of the ground than a regular foot would. We went through multiple from using a cone shape to using using spike like stilts. We decided to a screw like element to the boot so that the user could turn the spikes up or down to make themselves taller or shorter so that they could see over the crowds of people. Using the program Rhino Harper and I designed a model of the shoe that we could 3d print. We also designed spikes that we cut out of white acrylic that attached to some tracks on the cylinder. We also made a separate piece that spike all connected to to form one big one.