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Benjamin Lewis
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Our first idea was to create a cap with 3 sections that would spin because it would be attached to a 24 hour timer. We never got as far as to actually building the cap with the timer attached, but we were planning on having the 3 sections for different pills and having the container move as a reminder of the pills you have to take, and at which time. We also wanted the pill to automatically drop out a pill at a certain time but that quickly changed when we released the choking hazards in that idea. Our second iteration was to have a circle cap with 6 sections. 3 hallow and 3 full so the circle cap could spin and have 3 openings for the users. We wanted there to be sections that were empty so users could also drink out of this water bottle regularly. Our third idea was very similar to what we have now except the measurement and sizing were different. We had a short top without pegs so the cap was less sturdy and it was harder for the user to turn the wheel containing the pills.