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Post from Products for Wellbeing

Products for Wellbeing | Projects | Tai Chi Structure | Updates

  • After an initial creative block, Kate and I developed the idea of a a playable tai chi structure. The overall goal is to create a whimsical experience that also forces the user to slow down (internally and physically). To acheive this, we are planning on creating, in essence, an oversized cat toy. Certain sections will be lit up with an LED strip to show where the user should place their hands or feet, (and hopefully we can get our vibra sensor to work tomorrow), so with the correct placement there could be a vibration as well. 

    In Rhino, I made two major models of what we would ideally like our project to look like. We don't want it too geometric or "harsh", so to speak, but curves can be more difficult to produce. The first model shown is my most recent one. We pretty much definitely won't cut it or print it, but it will be useful to have a more detailed visualization of our project.