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Post from Products for Wellbeing

Products for Wellbeing | Projects | Shower of Lights | Portfolio

  • In our studio, Products for Wellbeing, we looked at different ways to ease or alleviate stress, and improve wellbeing. We focused on stress because it is extremely prevelent in today's society, especially in young adults. Our group decided to create a Shower of Lights, or a light cocoon to help mitigate stress. The shower of lights extracts the stressed out user from the outside world by inserting them into a light cocoon that can be used in various places such as offices, classrooms, bedrooms and other stressful areas. For one to achieve perfect bliss, we created a stress free way of turning on the light cocoon by connecting two magnets from the bottom of the white bed sheet together.

    The lights in our cocoon provide an color changing scheme that is calm, mollifying, relieving, and in no way ardent. Our product is important because there a few other products that address stress reduction in a manner that is portable and attractive to young adults. No other product encompasses the ease of turning the product on, the same intricate array of therapeutic lights, or the alluring net that makes the lighting opaque, keeping the user within the cocoon.