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Post from Products for Wellbeing

Products for Wellbeing | Projects | Shower of Lights | Portfolio

  • We came up with the main concept of our project after taking inspiration from bed canopies/nets often used in order to keep bugs out. The theme of our studio was well-being, and our idea was to promote feelings of relaxation and stress relief by shining LED lights over a bed, using the canopy to keep the user immersed and mitigate any distractions from the outside.

    First Iteration:

    The first vision for our product was that it would hang above the bed and contain the LEDs as a circle, so we began to work on our first iteration.  Our first iteration, a scaled down wooden circle that we had cut out with the laser printer, was elementary, but gave us a good starting point. One of our group's biggest plights was the lack of mobility that the circle gave the curtain. 

    Second Iteration:

    In order to fix this we made our second prototype, which was full scale, and made out of cardboard with the ability to rotate the curtain back and forth for easy entry and exit. We did this by connecting several pieces in order to make space for the sliding pieces to move back and forth. 

    Final Iteration: 

    After a successful second iteration, we moved forward with the same design and printed it on wood as our final piece. Besides printing the final on wood, the only other major differences was the creation of whole on the top ring, to keep the rings from being too heavy.   

    Once we had our final product pieced together, we decided to market it as an environment someone could put a chair inside and sit in, rather than it being used only as a bed net. This decision was made because we were unable to get cloth in the right dimensions in order to cut it into a proper cone or tipi shape to put above a bed. Coincidentally, we found that giving the light shower more uses, rather than just a bed net, made it a more versatile product, appealing to more users.