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Post from Products for Wellbeing

Products for Wellbeing | Projects | A Couple Of Hearty Pillows | Portfolio

  • In Products for Wellbeing, the goal was to create items to help increase the happiness and healthiness of people around the world. Our group’s goal was to create a product that helped increase people’s wellbeing by emulating the experience of hugging a pet, specifcally a dog. Dogs are always happy to see their owners. Lying in bed at night, it is so comforting to feel their body heat and heartbeat.

    For our project we created two soft and furry heart-shaped pillows to imitate animals. When a person hugs one pillow, the other pillow will pulse like a heartbeat and vice versa with the other pillow. Many people have busy, stressful lives and do not always have access to a pet or another person to calm them. Our project is important because it will help people by simulating hugging and allow people to feel a steady heartbeat and get their stress to manegable levels. The harder you hug the pillow the faster the other will pulse. This is nice because one person can feel the other person’s effort. The pillows are soft and cushiony and the pulsing creates the illusion of a heartbeat. If we had more time or planned to expand our product we would have added heating pads so that they also get warm when you hug the pillows. We hope the pillows will relax people, lower their stress and help them feel calm in their everday lives.