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Post from Products for Wellbeing

Products for Wellbeing | Projects | Day 1! | Updates

  • There are several interpretations and definitions for "wellbeing", including but not limited to: emotional, spiritual, psychological. Obstacles to wellbeing are often stress, mental health, a physically unhealthy lifestyle. Overall, it's a very personal and abstract concept. 

    Attainment of emotional wellbeing, as with all other kinds, ultimately depends and varies with each individual person. In the words of the illustrious bell hooks (in the context of the need for black women to protect their personhood and emotional well-being, but still applicable here) “What does it mean to have optimal, emotional well-being? Because when you have optimal, emotional well-being, you can be whole; you can be the diversities of who ‘yourself’ is.” The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, on the other hand, states that "Emotional well-being encompasses how you feel about yourself, your ability to successfully manage your feelings as you deal with life's challenges, and the quality of your relationships. Being emotionally balanced can contributes greatly to your overall mental and physical health."

    Spiritual well-being is not defined by the presence of religion in one's life, but rather an internal connection with nature and the people around one. Psychological well-being is slightly more complex. 

    Carol Ryff developed the Ryff Scales of Psychological Well-Being, which includes the following:

    • self-acceptance
    • the establishment of quality ties to other
    • a sense of autonomy in thought and action
    • the ability to manage complex environments to suit personal needs and values
    • the pursuit of meaningful goals and a sense of purpose in life
    • continued growth and development as a person