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Post from Bike Shelters

Bike Shelters | Projects | Fluid Motion | Portfolio

  •  If you go anywhere around Boston and Cambridge, chances are you will see some part of the Hubway system. The Hubway is the name given to the series of bikes and bike racks that anyone can rent for a few hours. But these bike racks are just scattered everywhere and some parts of the city don’t have a single Hubway Rack whereas others have several. Our idea was to create a nicer way of storing the bikes while also creating a common area that anyone can enjoy along with maybe bringing the Hubway to more communities. While creating “Bike Shelters” might not make the most noticeable difference on the everyday lives of those living throughout the Greater Boston Area, it will make some small differences such as freeing up parking spaces that are currently taken up by the racks. (*in the render there are objects which wouldn't be in the redesigned Lafayette Square such as the columns) It could also create more public spaces and methods of transportation while promoting a healthier life style. We wanted to use the fluid properties of water to create natural and flowing structure with gentle slopes and “waves” that mold and flow into one another. Our “Bike Shelter” was based in Lafayette Square and is composed of two “waves” with the bike racks set in ramps on the outer rim of the park. (**due to scaling issues, in the pictures and renders above the ramps are much smaller than what we had in mind.) The bike racks in the ramps would also be available to use for bike that are not a part of the Hubway. Benches would also be located alongside the racks. This will create an environment where members of the community can gather and relax.