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Post from Right to the City - Brazil

Right to the City - Brazil | Projects | Brazil Travel Blog | Updates

  • For some of us it was a 6:45 start, but for others it was an 8:00. It took a long time to figure out why people were so late, and it put us in a bit of a rush. The wake up calls were not delivered to all rooms, so instead Nat Brown and Graeme Mills had a rude awakening from Ben Hicks and myself. By the time everyone collectively grouped in the lobby we had five minutes to spare before our tour started. We scampered over to the subway which took us to the historical district. This tour was very helpful in giving a background history of Rio De Janeiro and showing us some famous sites in Rio. We visited some beautiful churches and monasteries as you can see in the picture, as well many places the royal family stayed. After finishing up our tour and eating lunch we gathered our things and went back to the hotel for an hour.

    After resting and cooling our bodies from the scorching hot sun we advanced onto our next journey of visiting the favelas. This was really the beginning of our project. We took the subway to meet up with our guide and helper Theresa. We took an unexpected large elevator to enter the favela. This specific favela is named Cantagalo. It is located in Copacabana and Ipanema. This is one of the oldest favelas and has much history to it. We walked around the favela, and then gathered in a room to listen to a slideshow and talk about our project. We learned how favelas worked and about each of the people who worked there. They told us that about twenty five percent of the favelas rented, and that almost all households have computers, which may be helpful in our project of bringing youth in different favelas together with youth around the world.