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Post from Fantasy Toys

Fantasy Toys | Projects | Candysplosion | Portfolio

  • The Candy Catapult is an toy-game that flings candy once the player presses the three colored buttons on the catapult in a particular order that is unknown to the player. Our team programmed a Servo motor and LEDs embedded inside the Candy Catapult.

    Our initial idea was to make a box that will explode candy out of its top. Then we discovered that our idea was not a toy so we modified it a little bit and made it into a puzzle. We thought that kids would have to tap the box in a specific order to make the box explode. When we started working on the prototypes, we made several different ones but we didn't ever complete one because we had to adapt to many different problems and incorporate new ideas. In the end, we came across a problem with the touch sensors that was a little too complex to fix within a week. We finally changed our idea to a catapult that will fling candy once a player figures out the mystery combination.