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  • Via our NuVuX Initiative, we partner with schools around the world to bring design, creativity and innovation into schools and organizations. This year, we have 9 Fellows who will be traveling to our NuVuX partner schools around the U.S. and internationally to lead hands-on, studio-based experiences within schools and ignite students' passion. As the NuVuX Network expands, we are building exciting opportunities for schools within our network to connect with each other, develop student exchange opportunities, and collaborate on global initiatives .

    At many of the NuVuX Schools, our Fellows are collaborating with teachers (such as Physics, English, Global Studies, Entrepreneurship teachers) to design and run hands-on studios.

    By partnering with schools, we are creating a culture of change that is empowering students to think critically and design solutions for issues impacting their towns and communities.

    Here's a quick intro into our spectacular Team of Fellows:

    Max Vanatta, NuVuX Fellow at WUHSMS in Woodstock, VT
    Aaron Laniosz, NuVuX Fellow at Odyssey in Los Angeles, CA
    Ramzi Naja, NuVuX Fellow and Head of Innovation at NuVu-Karam in Turkey
    Rima Das, NuVuX Fellow at Wonder in Wichita, KS
    Asli Arpak, NuVuX Fellow at All Saints Academy in Lakeland, FL
    Ray Majewski, NuVuX Fellow at All Saints Academy in Lakeland, FL
    Chris Perry, NuVuX Fellow at Hillside School in Marlborough, MA
    James Addison, NuVuX Fellow at Kelvinside Academy in Glasgow, U.K.
    Dyani Robarge, NuVuX Fellow at Episcopal School in Baton Rouge, LA