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Post from Connected Devices

Connected Devices | Projects | Milk Scale | Portfolio

  • The goal of our studio was to make electronics in your house communicate with each other through wifi. In exploring this theme, my partner Claire and I took on the topic of pimping your fridge.

    How much milk do you have in your fridge right now? Milk is an essential item that everyone uses but no one ever knows how much they have left. We created a milk scale. Leave your milk on the scale when it’s in the fridge and then from anywhere you can check the website via your phone to tell how much milk you have. Our milk scale will also send you a notification when you are out of milk.

    The milk scale is made with a pressure sensor that can tell how much milk there is in the milk jug. The pressure sensor reads the pressure being put on it. For example if you have a full gallon of milk on the scale the pressure sensor will read a high number and if you are running low on milk the sensor will read a low number. There is a delay on the pressure sensor, so that it wont respond every time you take your milk off the scale to use it.

    Our milk scale is also wireless. The reading from the pressure sensor goes to the Arduino. Then the Arduino sends the pressure sensor reading over wifi to a website. The Arduino can also send your phone a push notification when the milk is empty. No need to ever run out of milk again.