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Post from Personal Space

Personal Space | Projects | Zeus' Throne | Portfolio

  • The unique design of this chair allows the user to have their own personal space while also having the feeling that they are not completely disconnected from the rest of the world. Our chair has a feature of privacy on both of the arm rests where there is a shade inside both of them that gives the user the option to be either completely visible or hidden just by pulling on a string which will either extend or retract the shade.

    Our design of creating a box chair came from seeing different designs of chairs that already exist and combining multiple models into one chair. However, we had tried to create a spherical chair that had a pull down feature that acted as a bubble for complete privacy. Soon enough, we learned from our 3D printed prototype that this would not suffice as a full scaled model. We needed to create a design with more support so it would be able to hold more weight than the spherical model.

    We had a few challenges in the process in making this chair. However, our most difficult challenge that we overcame was completely redesigning the spherical chair into the box chair and producing a 3D model of the chair but at a smaller scale  out of materials that we laser cut and were able to produce this second model with less than a weeks worth of time.

    The chair is made out of two “S” or “5” shaped figures that acts as the base and frame of the chair. The armrests have a retractable shade within each one that providing an adjustable privacy shade for the user should they need to sleep before a flight or if they needed to get some work done in the library before going back to their homes.