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Post from Hacking Medicine

Hacking Medicine | Projects | The Modern Cane | Portfolio

  • The final product our group had was the modern cane with a lighting system embedded within the middle cane leg. The cane is designed to work as a third leg for someone who is either handicapped, physically impaired, or for a senior citizen. The base of the cane has a broad width in order for stability and has rounded sides in order for the user to mimic the motion of a foot when walking with the cane. The initial model was supposed to incorporate a pedomiter and bluetooth system, however there were significant problems with fitting the electronics into the handle and having them work successfully. However, the lighting function was still able to function in the final model which was the main focus with the electronics portion. The inspiration came from two new canes that had very modern designs and had a heavy technological focus. The cane was based off of two different models and the electronics were inspired by the Fujitsu cane. In the final design the cane has a button on the top of the handle which connects to an arduino that activates the LED lights that are in the middle clear cane leg. The clear leg is surrounded by 3 other wooden legs in order to maintain the support of the user's weight on the cane.