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Post from Open Innovation Fall 2016

Open Innovation Fall 2016 | Projects | The Link | Writing

  • A cost efficient cardboard chair used to make the reading experience more comfortable and convenient. This chair will add a unique design to a home as well as different conveniences an average chair would not provide.. 

    The Link is the future for innovative chairs. It allows the user different privileges a normal chair could not provide. Convenience, efficiency, and multipurpose are the three main purposes of the chair. This chair will not only able someone to read or work, but add simple accessablilties. The first purpose of the chair is having a collection of books closer to the user. Our design team incorporated this aspect by adding a book shelf on the back which seamlessly flows with the design. The second aspect of the Link was adding a desk which would slide out of the chair and cross over the users body making the chair a fantastic working space. Lastly our team added an ottoman to the bottom of the chair. This piece will slide out of the bottom and add a certain amount of comfort and please to your experience.  

    In all, this chair is a significant upgrade from normal furniture and will serve as a benchmark for other innovative ideas in the future.