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Post from Personal Space

Personal Space | Projects | Expandable Backpack | Portfolio

  •         "The Expandable Backpack"  is a multifunctional backpack designed for the modern day student. "The Expandable Backpack" can not only be a student's traditional backpack but it can also pull out into a chair for those beautiful spring days when students decide to study outside. The bottom of the chair is a mat that can be rolled out from the bottom of the backpack. This provides the student a cushion from the hard ground while also keeping them dry in those cases of wet grass. Out of the top of the backpack comes an overhead pullout canopy that would not only protect students from the sun, but also provide their computer screen with shade making it easier to see. 

            The idea behind the canopy structure was to create a way for the structure to extend on multiple planes and also be able to refold back into a compact piece that would be able to fit into the top of a backpack. The structure took the whole two weeks of the studio to create but it was a sucess. The canopy uses a variation of the widley used and well known scissor strucutre along with different 3D printed connecting pieces that were built using rhino.