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Post from Visualizing Food

Visualizing Food | Info

  • Food seen from a functional perspective provides us with the chemical energy to function and do our daily work. For some, food forms an essential part of social customs, family occasions and holidays; For others, consuming certain types of food perpetuates health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease; For others, ethical concerns related to food production and the treatment of animals dictates their eating habits; And for some, food is a scarce commodity that they can only hope to have each day.

    In this studio, students will look at our existing food infrastructure and examine the complex issues surrounding food, including food production/distribution, abuse of workers and child labor, fare-trade practice, farm-to-table options, large vs. small food companies and their impact, environmental impact through a product’s life-cycle, access to organic/natural food, innovations in the food industry, and new models for food businesses. Using infographic techniques to better explain food systems and their effects, students will frame an argument and create a compelling short animated informational video around a particular food issue.

    Through this studio, students will learn about information design using the tools of data visualization and infographics, digital filmmaking, digital art, illustration, storytelling and production. Students will also learn how to create compelling visual effects and use them in their stories using Adobe After Effects. The studio is intended to allow students to be creative with media while being thoughtful and critical in communicating a message.