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Post from Fall 2013 - Independent Project Period

Fall 2013 - Independent Project Period | Projects | Prop Car | Updates

  • Last thursday, we finished out first model!! We strapped all the wires and RC peices on the top of the base. It was ready for a test. Everyone at NUVU gathered around to watch the testing. Sam drove it full speed, and it was clearly too much power. The car span a 180 degree turn, and was out of control. Then we noticed that the propellers polarization was incorrect, so we swiched them around. Now, the car goes extremely fast and is directed forward. The turning wasnt secured enough, so we worried it would fall off. It didnt, but it had a wider turning radius than we anticipated. It was really fun to work with, and showed us how fast it went!!! The next day, we reviewed the test and chose that we wanted to build a better model. This model will have 4 wheels for support, a better turning system, a braking system, and one RC propeller. We have designed a model on rhino, and have tested how we would mount the propeller in the middle of the body. Right now we are waiting on our RC wheels to come in. We just designed the turning system out of scrap wood, and will design the real model when the wheels come. The brakes are similar to the ones on a bike. We will have two brake blocks that will squeeze the wheel to stop. But again, we need the wheels to actually build it.