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Post from Fantasy FashionTech

Fantasy FashionTech | Info

  • Students in the Fantasy Fashion studio will have the opportunity to create fashion pieces that will be worn by professional models on the runway at Boston Fashion Week in Fall 2014! NuVu has an ongoing partnership with the managers of the Emerging Trends Show during Boston Fashion Week. The students from the Fantasy Fashion studio will be able to see their pieces on the runway and bring their families to this high profile event. (Of note: The blog posts below provide a summary of the 2013 Emerging Trends Show and NuVu's participation in it)

    Before the Pebble smart watch and Google Glass, there were interactive costumes. Interactive costumes for performance artists, dancers, and musicians brought attention to the possibilities of wearable technology and introduced an element of fantasy by using technologies such as microcontrollers, LEDs, fiber optics, sensors, and motors. The fashion-tech revolution also teamed up engineers and designers to think and imagine like never before and create conceptually unique and visually dazzling pieces. Given today’s versatile and programmable technologies, fashion-tech is becoming one of the most cutting-edge industries!

    In this studio, you will explore new techniques and concepts for wearable technologies and interactive fashion. Students will create and develop high-tech fashion pieces, including (but not limited to) designs that are suitable for dancers-performers-musicians. You will use 3d fabrication tools, such as laser-cutters and 3d printers, and 3d modeling software, such as Rhino and Sketchup, as part of the production process, incorporating unique materials, complex patterns, and fantasy-based designs in your final pieces!

    Focus skills/subjects/technologies:

      Fashion Design

      Digital Fabrication (Laser-cutting, 3d Printing)

      Computer Programming



      2D and 3D Modeling

      Adobe Illustrator

      Robotics (Arduino)