NuVu Virtual Summer is back for another season of creative hands-on learning

NuVu Virtual Summer is back for another season of creative hands-on learning! As part of NuVu Virtual Summer 2021, students around the world can participate in our design-based studios. Using NuVu’s own digital platform and network of experts and coaches, we are able to bring a variety of interdisciplinary studios directly to you. Create real-world projects in topics such as Social Robots, Generative Art, VR Worlds and Engineered Soundscapes, wherever you may be.

Program Information


All studios are open to students ages 14-18 (or grades 9-12)


$1550 Fee includes:

• Dedicated NuVu Coach
• Studio content & activities (presentations, lectures, resources, discussions, social activities)
• Facilitation on projects
Maker Kit with:
- tools
- materials & supplies
- pre-studio projects


Monday - Friday for 2 weeks
10am - 12pm, 1pm - 3pm EDT
20 hours of synchronous online instruction, 20 hours of project development, and Coach Office Hours for additional student project support

Technical Needs

Students are required to have access to:
• Mac or Windows PC computer
• Webcam & microphone (headphones optional but encouraged)
• Sketchbook & writing utensils
• Reliable internet connection that can support Zoom Video Conferencing


NuVu Coaches are experts in their fields, bringing specialized skills in design, robotics, engineering, fabrication, and art. All Coaches have previous experience teaching in a virtual environment. Student to Coach ratio is 6:1.

Sessions & Studio Offerings

The Virtual Summer 2021 Program at NuVu includes 3 Sessions. Each Session is 2 weeks long, with a variety of unique Studios (e.g., Deep Sea Bots, AR Games). Students can only register for one Studio per Session. Students can attend one, two, or all three Sessions.


The world has gone through immense change and disruption during the Covid-19 crisis. These changes have not only transformed the way we live, work and learn, but also made visible social inequalities, uncovered vulnerabilities in supply chains, brought restrictions on labor movement, skyrocketed the use of virtual and digital experiences, increased our reliance on automation and AI, even changed personal spending habits toward thoughtful spending.

As we look to the future, what new opportunities can we discover to shape our world for the better? Can we create alternate future stories to envision better health and well-being? Can we use digital technologies to help restore opportunities for those without access? How can we re-build systems to regenerate a more equitable society? What are ways that we can restore the climate and the environment? How can we design products that improve the lives of people?

This Summer, we’ll examine a range of future-forward topics. We’ll explore prosthetics that extend our biological capacities, virtual reality to create alternate future narratives, responsive environments using new technologies that allow spaces to adapt to changing environmental and use conditions, socially-minded robots whose behaviors feel more humanoid rather than artificial, fashion that serves a larger purpose, and even devices that can be created for life beyond earth in outer space.

During each of the Summer Studios, we’ll use research and insight from experts to inform the creation of products, games, architecture, stories, and art. Throughout the program, students will work on college and graduate level problems with the guidance of professionals and experts. Our mission: Imagine and develop solutions for a better world.

Maker Kits

Hands-on making is a core part of the learning experience at NuVu. For our Virtual Summer 2021, each student will receive a custom Maker Kit, specially developed by NuVu, that includes unique materials and tools that will be needed for each Summer Studio. From Arduino to Bioplastics, students will be able to fully engage with our curriculum at home. Kits will include introductory materials and exercises for students to begin exploring, testing, and creating at their own pace, even before the start of the Studio. During the Studio, Coaches will guide students as they develop their projects and provide live lessons on how to use the resources in their Maker Kit. After the Studio ends, students can continue to use the tools and materials in their Maker Kit for future projects and to develop their interests.

For Studios that require digital fabrication, local families will be able to pick up their students’ lasercut and 3D printed parts curbside at NuVu.

More Information


Student registration is processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Students can only register for one studio per 2-week Session. A maximum of 12 students will be accepted for each studio. Because studio enrollment is limited, we recommend that you register and send your final payment as soon as possible in order to ensure studio choices.


An online deposit of $200 is paid via credit card. Final payment is paid by check, change to Final payment is paid by check or ACH (electronic funds transfer). Credit cards are accepted for deposits only. Checks should be mailed to:

450 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
Attn. Summer

Final payments must be made by check and received within 30 days of registration. Final payments not submitted on time could result in forfeiture of your student’s spot to another student on the waitlist. If it is necessary to cancel a registration, deposits will be refundable until June 30th, 2021.


Multi-Session Discount
Two Sessions: $2,900 ($200 total discount)
Three Sessions: $4,300 ($350 total discount)

Sibling Family Discount
$75 discount will be applied to each student registration for two or more students in a family.

Contact Us

If you have questions, please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Onsite Program

Will you be running your onsite Summer 2021 Program?
Over the next few months, we will be monitoring state and local guidelines and plan to announce onsite programs on February 1st, 2021.

FAQ - Students

Which age group is attending NuVu?
NuVu’s students are as young as 11 years of age and as old as 18 years.

What kind of student is a good fit for NuVu?
NuVu’s students are young people eager to build new things, use technology, and work in a team of makers. They are curious and ready to learn in a new way. Because of the diversity of personalities and interests of NuVu participants, almost all of our students will find their niche in one or more of the Studios.

How do you ensure that all students receive personal attention?
Personal attention is not the exception but the rule at NuVu. Each student is part of a Studio and the staff-to-student ratio is approximately 1-to-6. The NuVu Summer Team of Coaches and Summer Program Coordinator are directly responsible for addressing the needs of each student. There are regular check-ins each day to ensure that the student is engaged, learning, and invested in their work.

FAQ - Logistics

What supplies do the students need to have at home?
Students are required to have a computer available each day. Students are encouraged to have an unlined sketchbook and writing utensils (pencils or pens) on hand. NuVu will supply typical and specialty equipment, tools and supplies needed by students in each Studio. There may be additional optional items you already have at home that can supplement your student’s learning.

What is the recommended attire?
Students should dress in comfortable attire that can also withstand some hands-on work. Although NuVu Virtual Summer 2021 gives students the flexibility to work from home, students should not appear in online studios wearing pajamas or night clothes.

What is the staff-to-student ratio?
NuVu’s staff-to-student ratio is approximately 1-to-6.

If parents have any concerns during the summer, whom should they contact?
Parents should contact the Summer Program Coordinator through NuVu’s Main Office via email ( or phone (617-945-7716).