Our Innovation Camp engages participants in the design process. This 5-day online camp will get your creative juices flowing as you gain first hand experience in a collaborative studio environment. You’ll learn how to use a studio framework and enabling technologies to develop your problem solving skills with the intent of integrating this creative mindset within your school, organization or company. Using NuVu’s own digital platform and network of experts and coaches, we are able to bring this year’s Innovation Camp directly to you!

Date & Time

To accommodate participants from all parts of the world, we are offering two online sessions of the Innovation Camp from which participants can choose.

Session 1: US (West Coast)/Asia-Pacific Online Camp
Monday, July 13 to Friday, July 17, 2020
8am-10am HST // 11am-1pm PDT (Synchronous)
10am-12pm HST // 1-3pm PDT (Asynchronous/Office Hours)

Session 2: US (East Coast)/Europe Online Camp
Monday, August 17 to Friday, August 21, 2020
10am-12pm EDT // 2-4pm GMT (Synchronous)
1-3pm EDT // 5-7pm GMT (Asynchronous/Office Hours)

Applies to both sessions:

Studio Track: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Big Picture Track: Thursday, Friday


The Program will include two sections. Monday through Wednesday will focus on the “Studio Process” and Thursday through Friday will focus on the “Big Picture”. The Studio Process days are geared toward participants learning the hands-on innovation process used at NuVu. Participants will experience NuVu’s studio model and design process through hands-on projects and learn how to integrate this creative mindset within their school, classroom, or professional environment. The Big Picture days are geared toward the nuts and bolts of how the studi model works within a broader educational landscape. Participants will focus on the processes and methods used to implement creative education within a school or organization.


Who Should Attend

Our Innovation Camp is for educators, instructional coaches, facilitators, professionals, makers-to-be, design enthusiasts, administrators, heads of school, technology coordinators, R&D directors, department heads, makerspace directors, fablab coordinators, program directors, and anyone interested in the hands-on innovation process.

Benefits to Participants

Enrollment Details


The cost for the Summer Innovation Camp is $1350 per participant and includes a small custom NuVu Maker Kit that will be mailed to participants for use in hands-on prototyping during the camp. Each participant is required to bring their own laptop to the program each day.

Maker Kit

The NuVu Maker Kit contains basic prototyping materials that you will need for the Studio Track portion of the week. If you are registering from a location outside the US, please let us know if you would like to procure your own prototyping materials in lieu of receiving a kit. This option, along with a list of materials, will be available to you when you are sent your initial registration form. If you choose not to be mailed a kit, you will receive a small fee reduction on the overall cost of the program. Due to shipping times, any international participants registering after August 1 for Session 2 will not receive kits and are responsible for sourcing their own materials (the fee reduction will be applied).


Please email us at nuvu@nuvustudio.org with "Innovation Camp" in the title. A form will be sent to you for registration details.

The amount of $1350 must be paid by check and received in full by July 10th, 2020 for Session 1 and by August 10th, 2020 for Session 2. If you are registering from a location outside the US and wish to receive a Maker Kit, payment must be received in full by August 1st, 2020. Please make the check out to "NuVu Studio" and mail payment to:

NuVu Studio
450 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

Registration for NuVu’s Innovation Camp closes on July 10th for Session 1, and August 10th, 2020 for Session 2.

If you have questions or are interested in enrolling in the Innovation Camp, please email us at nuvu@nuvustudio.org.

We encourage schools, organizations and companies to organize small teams to participate in the Innovation Camp for maximum effectiveness. Our hands-on Innovation Camp enables teams to uncover ideas and develop a plan of action to execute back at their home school.

Our Model

NuVu is an innovation school for middle and high school students whose pedagogy is based on the architectural studio model in which students learn through hands-on collaborative projects. While at NuVu, students engage in a rigorous design process that includes brainstorming, prototyping, iteration and review, all the while working collaboratively to solve complex real-world problems. Our studio model promotes creativity, critical thinking and innovation skills.


Led by dynamic and passionate members of the NuVu Team and Coaching staff, participants will leave the Innovation Camp with an actionable plan and infused with innovation skills. NuVu Coaches come from a range of backgrounds and bring a diversity of expertise; Coaches include PhD students at MIT and Harvard, entrepreneurs who have their own companies, artists working around the world, and professionals developing innovative products in various fields. Please visit our Team page to learn more about our permanent staff, who we are, our diverse expertise, and things that we love to do. We would also like to commemorate Edith Ackerman, professor and visiting scientist at the Media Lab, who passed away at the end of December 2016. Edith was one of our advisors and gave us tremendous guidance and support on many of our programs, including our Summer Innovation Camp. We miss her dearly. She leaves behind a strong legacy of lifelong learning that we will keep alive at NuVu for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend the Innovation Camp for Educators?

If you are a teacher, administrator, technology director, department head, district leader, instructional coach/facilitator, organizer, maker, design enthusiast or professional with an interest in design education or the innovation process, then our Innovation Camp is for you. If you are eager to build new things, use technology in novel ways, and ready to design and implement hands-on studio-based experiences in your school, then you will find the camp to be an extremely enriching experience.

What supplies or equipment do the participants need to bring?

Participants will need a laptop (no Chromebooks) in order to participate in the camp. Participants are encouraged to bring an unlined sketchbook and writing utensils (pencils or pens). If you are not coming from one of our NuVuX Partner Schools, NuVu will supply each participant with a Maker Kit that will be needed for studio work and activities.

What happens during the Synchronous and Asynchronous/Office Hours portions of the day?

During the Synchronous part of the day, participants will be fully engaged in workshops, lectures, and group work via Zoom with NuVu Coaches and Instructors. During the Asynchronous/Office Hours time, participants will be able to work independently on their projects and can schedule time to meet with Coaches and Instructors one-on-one. This part of the day simulates the “studio work time” and “desk-crits” that our students engage in as part of the design process, where they receive individualized feedback and can strategize with Coaches about the best ways to push their projects forward.

Will I have to download any software?

The camp will be conducted on Zoom and for best performance, participants will need to download the Zoom software. NuVu’s coaches and participants will also be using NuVu’s Online Platform (studio management system) for tracking assignments, sharing resources, documenting work, and developing projects. Each participant will be logging into the site daily. Participants may also need to download specific digital software related to studio projects. Those details will be shared with participants prior to the start of the camp.

What is the recommended attire?

Participants should dress in comfortable attire that can also withstand some hands-on work.