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by Brian Broom-Peltz, Nicholas Judy

Kaleidoscope Eye

by Nicholas Judy, Robin Neal


Open Innovation (T6)

by Nicholas Judy, Ray Majewski, Asli Arpak


by Nicholas Judy, Kristina Osborn, Asli Arpak...

Future Living (T6)

by Ben Swearingen, Nicholas Judy, Ray Majewski...

Sensory Sculptures (T5)

by Becky Ault, Cynthia Haffey, TJ Woolford...

Building Envelope (T5)

by Jeremiah Gonda, Nicholas Judy, Ben Swearingen...

Open Innovation (T4)

by Kristina Osborn, Luis Carbajal, Nicholas Judy...

Morphing Playgrounds (T4)

by Nicholas Judy, Will May, Ray Majewski...


by Ray Majewski, Asli Arpak, Nicholas Judy...

Textured Photonics (T4)

by Maureen McGowan, Ray Majewski, Asli Arpak...

Tensile Structures (T2)

by Nicholas Judy, Asli Arpak

Embedded Play Structures (T1)

by Nicholas Judy, Cathy Watson, Asli Arpak

Ecologically Responsive Surfaces

by Jeremiah Gonda, Nicholas Judy

Pneumatic Athletics

by Nicholas Judy

Tree Dwellings

by Nicholas Judy

Reinventing the Wheel

by Elizabeth Burton, Nicholas Judy, Ray Ryan

Everyday Physical Therapy

by Nicholas Judy, Karen Adams


by Nicholas Judy, Alexandra Laverde

Open Innovation Spring 2017

by Nicholas Judy, Ryan Nixon

Material Orders

by Nicholas Judy, Ryan Nixon

(4A) Harmony Village: Kinetic Sculpture

by Ryan Nixon, Bambi Guy, Nicholas Judy

(3B) Furniture for Travelers

by Ryan Nixon, Nicholas Judy, John Iskra

Demo Day Presentations Fall 2016

by Lindsey Bailey, Bambi Guy, Cathy Watson...

Genius Camp Fall 2016 | (2B) Pets Are People Too

by Nicholas Judy, Aricka Ward

Genius Camp Fall 2016 | (1B) HACK THE CAFETERIA

by Nicholas Judy, Amber Alderman

(1B) Hack the Cafeteria

by Nicholas Judy, Amber Alderman, Ryan Nixon...

Innovation Camp for Educators 2016 - Session 2

by Kelly McGough, Nancy Fonseca, Nicholas Judy...