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Social Chess

by Lucy Emerson, Sina Schoening Ball

Floral Kaleidoscope

by Ethan Donaldson, Lucy Emerson

Writing Assistive

by Lucy Emerson, Mila Contreras Godfrey

Sea's Debris

by Lucy Emerson, Rosella Cecil

Cambridge Bicycles

by Lucy Emerson, PJ Walsh

Clock Tower

by Kevin Brown, Lucy Emerson


by Alec Perez-Albuerne, Clio Bildman, Lucy Emerson...

Bio-Powered Habitat

by Caitlin Haggerty, Dina Pfeffer, Duncan Jurayj...

Water Habitat

by Lucy Emerson, Ross McNeill, Satchel Sieniewicz...


by Clio Bildman, Henry Blackburn, Kevin Brown...

Warped Preception

by Louie Adamian, Lucy Emerson

Table Squared

by Ava Rizika, Lucy Gunther, Lucy Emerson...

Synthetic Heart

by Lucy Emerson, Oliver Peterson

The Bow Stand

by Alexander Athanasopoulos, Lucy Emerson, Stefan Tzaprev...

The Dribbler

by Benjamin Wilmerding, Lucy Emerson

Soft Power Final

by Clio Bildman, Lucy Emerson

Soft Power

by Abigail Spencer, Lucy Emerson, Tony Whelan...

Claw Contol

by Janice Tabin, Lucy Emerson

The Stalking skull

by Lucy Emerson