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by Cooper Ducharme, Kevin Brown

Artists Guild

by Aoife Keefe, Aviv Hirsch, Azaria Molina...


by Henry Tsai, Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown

by Kevin Brown

The Sinking Scene

by Cooper Ducharme, Kevin Brown

Solar Energy plan

by Amiyr Ahmad, Kevin Brown


by Kevin Brown

A Piece of Marine Life

by Kevin Brown, Siena Jekel

Polar Chair

by Julia Sneddon, Kevin Brown

Uliana Super strength

by Kevin Brown

Marine Ecosystem

by Kevin Brown, Siena Jekel


by Amiyr Ahmad, Anara Magavi, Aveen Nagpal...

Steam Washer

by Kevin Brown, PJ Walsh

Steam Washing Machine

by Kevin Brown, Noah Newton-Cheh

Citrus Chair

by Aviv Hirsch, Kevin Brown

natural disasters

by Beatrix Metral, Kevin Brown

Clock Tower

by Kevin Brown, Lucy Emerson

Flat Power

by Charlie Nadeau, Kevin Brown

Whack - A - Mole

by Kevin Brown

Bio-Powered Habitat

by Caitlin Haggerty, Dina Pfeffer, Duncan Jurayj...

The Living Wall: AQUAPONICS

by Kevin Brown, Kyle Banker


by Clio Bildman, Henry Blackburn, Kevin Brown...


by Clio Bildman, Kevin Brown, Lucy Gunther...

Kevin's Work

by Kevin Brown

Flat Power

by Kevin Brown, Rowan Roudebush

Skills Vest and OCD Device Exhibit

by Kevin Brown, Nick Caruso

Poppin Pastry

by Aveen Nagpal, Kevin Brown

Penguin Glider

by Ava Rizika, Kevin Brown

Display Desk

by Kevin Brown, Tony Whelan

Safe Zone Alpha

by Kevin Brown, The Dukachinator

Happy Dog

by Kevin Brown