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The Stress of School

by Christine Bourdeau, Jules Gouvin-Moffat

Student Hub

by Dylan Smyth, Ezra Morrison, Jack Mullen...

The Trauma of Homeless LGBT Youth

by Jules Gouvin-Moffat, Rebecca Barnes

Visual Lullaby

by Jules Gouvin-Moffat, Kalala Kiwanuka-Woernle, Samantha Cutler...

Urban Fractal Tree

by Dylan Smyth, Jack Mullen, Jules Gouvin-Moffat...

High Heel 3.0

by Jules Gouvin-Moffat, Sam Daitzman

How To Be Dope

by Abi Tenenbaum, Jules Gouvin-Moffat, Sophia Thurau-Gray...

Space Corsuit

by Jules Gouvin-Moffat, Shivani Angappan

High Heel

by Jules Gouvin-Moffat, Justine Hatton, Sam Daitzman...

Firefighters Life Safety Device

by Alea Laidlaw, Amit Nir, Jules Gouvin-Moffat...

Kinetic Shoe

by Hayley Zukerberg, Jules Gouvin-Moffat, Kate Reed...


by Jules Gouvin-Moffat, Justine Hatton, Laurel Sullivan...

The Young and the Necklace

by Jules Gouvin-Moffat, Phoebe Petryk

Tai Chi Structure

by Jules Gouvin-Moffat, Kate Reed

Anxiety Brace

by Jake Barton, Jules Gouvin-Moffat, Sofia Canale-Parola...

Sensory Replacement Helmet

by Dylan Smyth, Jules Gouvin-Moffat

Wheelchair Canopy

by Jules Gouvin-Moffat, Sam Daitzman, Yoni Segal...


by Jules Gouvin-Moffat, Kate Reed