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Innovation Camp 2018 - Session 1 - Studio

by Andrew Todd Marcus, Chris Perry, Max Vanatta...

Open Innovation Spring 2018

by Rebecca Starks, Dyani Robarge, Aaron Laniosz...

Musical Interventions / ألعاب موسيقية

by Ramzi Naja, José Rivera, Jenny Kinard

Paper Politics

by Rebecca Starks, Jenny Kinard, Jiyoo Jye

In:Accessible Exhibition

by Jenny Kinard

Skills Week Spring 2018

by Natalie Ferry, Nathan Lachenmyer, Nil Tuzcu...

Open Innovation Winter 2017

by Rebecca Starks, David Wang, Kristina Osborn...

Musical Interventions / ألعاب موسيقية

by Rebecca Starks, Aya Alhajji, Hamsa Sayed Issa...

In:Accessible Exhibition

by Rebecca Starks, Jenny Kinard, Sotirios Kotsopoulos


by Rebecca Starks, Jenny Kinard, Jiyoo Jye

Winter 2017 Skills

by Nil Tuzcu, Andrew Todd Marcus, Luis Carbajal...

Nothing to Something

by Rebecca Starks, Jenny Kinard, Sotirios Kotsopoulos

Advanced Arduino

by Tim Robertson, Aaron Laniosz, James Addison...

Open Innovation Fall 2017

by Rebecca Starks, Seth Alter, Jenny Kinard...

Juxtapose IV

by Rebecca Starks, Rosa Weinberg, Jenny Kinard

Skills Week Fall 2017

by Andrew Todd Marcus, Jenny Kinard, Luis Carbajal...

Play to Protest

by Rebecca Starks, Jenny Kinard, Seth Alter


by Rebecca Starks, Jenny Kinard, Sofie Belanger

Robo Cars 1

by Ronan O'Callaghan, Christopher Kitchen, Jenny Kinard...

Summer 2017 Training

by Ramzi Naja, Dustin Brugmann, Seth Alter...

Open Innovation Spring 2017

by Tsung-Han Robin Hsieh, Spyridon Ampanavos, Aaron Laniosz...

Juxtapose 3

by Spyridon Ampanavos, Jenny Kinard

Breaking Bread

by Lee Cusack, Mark Vann, Andrew Todd Marcus...

Visualizing Animal Behavior

by Tsung-Han Robin Hsieh, Stephanie Dowdy-Nava, Saul Nava...

Children's Books/Storytelling

by Manisha Sharma, Jenny Kinard, Catherine Stiny

Hi-Lo Sewing

by Jenny Kinard

Juxtapose II

by Rosa Weinberg, Jenny Kinard

Open Innovation Winter 2016

by Jenny Kinard, Sotirios Kotsopoulos, Emily Glass...

Personal Protection Wearables

by Manisha Sharma, Sotirios Kotsopoulos, Jenny Kinard

Safe Cities

by Manisha Sharma, David Wang, Jenny Kinard

Patient Emotion Therapy - P.E.T.

by Manisha Sharma, Andrew Todd Marcus, Jenny Kinard

Genius Camp Winter 2016

by Spyridon Ampanavos, Shaunta Butler, Andrew Todd Marcus...

Robo Cars 2

by Benjamin Guirakhoo, Mason Vega, Alana Press...

Machine Art

by Chloe Page, Jenny Kinard, Maroula Bacharidou

Open Innovation Fall 2016

by Tsung-Han Robin Hsieh, Sotirios Kotsopoulos, Saeed Arida...


by James Addison, Ray Majewski, Kaitlyn Becker...