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Dog On The Go

by Dylan Smyth, Phineas Schultz

Student Hub

by Dylan Smyth, Ezra Morrison, Jack Mullen...


by Calder Martin, Dylan Smyth

Tooth Under The Pillow

by Dylan Smyth, Ethan Wood, Jack Mullen...

Urban Fractal Tree

by Dylan Smyth, Jack Mullen, Jules Gouvin-Moffat...

Music Box Bike

by Daniel Bassett, Dylan Smyth, Jack Mullen...

Reimagining Coach

by Dylan Smyth, Leo Saitz, Nicholas Martin...

Sensory Replacement Helmet

by Dylan Smyth, Jules Gouvin-Moffat

Aquatic Dress

by Dylan Smyth, Jake Barton, Sofia Canale-Parola...